Youth Football Families, we wanted to address our framework relative to rising covid cases and rumors of threats to fall sports.


With respect to our season:

-At this time we have full expectations of having a normal season.    We believe at this point that it would take a state level order to cancel fall sports to disrupt our season.

-The TYFC (our league) remains fully committed to our season.   Last year despite NY State cancelling our tackle season, American Youth Football (national organization of which TYFC is a member) continued to have a very successful normal season for most states outside of New York.

-Somers School District has also remained highly supportive of our program and has not asked us for any limitations at this point.  We ask that you continue to be vocal about the importance of youth sports for our children.

With respect to COVID:

We ask that everyone take a common sense approach to this.  

1.  If your child feels unwell, has a fever,  has a sudden unexplained cough or other COVID symptoms, please keep him home from practice and games.  This is common sense regardless of COVID.   We’d prefer not to share a stomach bug or flu as well!  We also understand that many children and adults have seasonal allergies and that every sniffle or cough is not COVID.   Please make your coach aware of any significant seasonal allergies – these should also be in your child’s profile in sportssignup play.

2.  If your child has been exposed according to CDC definitions (in an enclosed space for 15 minutes within 6 feet of an infected person while unmasked) we ask that you immediately inform your coach and refrain from participating for 4 days.    At the 4 day mark, please get a COVID test.  Upon receiving a negative result and remaining symptom free, you will be welcome back to participate.   As long as your child is in strong enough condition to play and can be prepared for the week’s game plan, he will not be kept out of games even if missing some practices during the week for COVID reasons.  A copy of the negative test result must be provided.

3.  If there is a confirmed case of COVID in your home, we ask that you inform your coach immediately.   In this case we ask that you refrain from participating until any infected persons test negative.   A copy of the negative test result must be provided.

4.  Vaccine exception to items 2 and 3:   If your child has been fully vaccinated and you have provided evidence by providing a copy of his vaccine card, he may continue to participate assuming he does not exhibit any COVID symptoms.

5.  We will not be mandating masks at this time.   That said, we will ultimately be subject to whatever rules and regulations that the school and town adopt when we are using their property.



-REGISTRATION.  Tackle football registration will end on July 1.  It is very important that you register by this date if you want your child to play.    This is important because we need to submit final numbers to our league in July.   We also need to order equipment that we expect will take some time to deliver.  You have the ability to pay in installments if helpful.

-EQUIPMENT.  Equipment fitting will take place on July 8, 13 and 15 from 5:30-8:30pm.   We expect to hold this at the REIS Park Pavillion.   Soon, a Sign Up Genius will go out for you to select a 15 minute time slot on one of these dates.  It is very important that you are able to attend one of these sessions.  The sign up list will be sent to registered families next week with further instructions.  Some of our Coaches and I will also be on hand to answer any questions.   Those who turned in their helmet for reconditioning will also get back their helmet at this session.  

-JUNE MEETING.   On June 23 at 7:30pm you have the opportunity to attend a meeting with Somers High School Head Coach Anthony DeMatteo.  As many of you know Anthony was just named head coach following his father's retirement.  Our youth program is fortunate to have a very close relationship with our high school program and Anthony is 110% committed to continuing this.  At the meeting Coach DeMatteo will talk about our shared football philosophy, the benefits of football for children, and our framework for teaching football safely.  I along with several youth coaches will also be present to answer any questions you might have along with Coach D.   This is open to anyone whether registered or not, and whether you are in Flag Football or Tackle.   This will take place in person at the REIS Park Pavilion.  If you have not yet registered and are still on the fence, this might be a great opportunity to help make up your mind.

-HELMET ORDERS.   Our program owns enough newly reconditioned helmets to cover everyone.  That said some families in the past have elected to purchase their own custom "Speedflex" helmet from Riddell.   Due to a resin shortage, Riddell is not currently taking new orders.   However, Schutt is still taking orders and does not seem to be affected by the issues that Riddell cites.    I am working to get a Schutt representative to attend the June 23 meeting as well as several of our equipment fitting sessions so that you can explore options available to you.   Our program also owns 25 reconditioned Speedflex helmets that we have repurchased from families that outgrew them or moved on to high school.  These have just been factory reconditioned and will be available for purchase on a first come basis for $150 each (the price we paid for them).

April 22 Update:

Fall tackle football and fall flag football registration will open on May 1.   More information and a registration link will be posted on this page