NOTE TO PROGRAM from August 23


Youth football families,

This evening you will receive an invitation from "GreatCoach" to download and enroll in an app called Clear2Play.  As noted in previous emails and in our return to play procedures, we will be using the Clear2Play App to allow parents/guardians to report their child's health ahead of practice.   This will be required every practice day prior to practice.    Essentially, this app will prompt you to fill out a very brief survey asking questions about temperature and any covid related symptoms.    We ask that you complete this when prompted several hours ahead of each practice.    Once you fill this out coaches will receive an indication as to whether your child is clear to come to practice and participate.

We recognize that this is an inconvenience - although we tried to make it as easy as possible.   This is something we have to take seriously and follow if we are to operate a successful program in these challenged times.   Children that are not cleared will not be permitted to practice.

An invitation will be coming to you from "greatcoach" later today.   Instructions for completing the sign-up are in the attached document and will also come with the invitation email.    Again I expect the invitation to come this evening.

ATTACHMENT:  Clear2Play Instructions

NOTE TO PROGRAM from August 19

Youth Football Families,

I hope this finds all of you well.

As many of you know, we still do not have approval from Governor Cuomo to play Tackle Football.  In addition, if we do not receive approval by August 31, our league will cancel the 2020 season.   That said, we are still planning to offer non-contact practices to start the season beginning the week of August 24.

These practices will focus on conditioning, agility, strength and football skills.   Whether or not we have a season, this will serve as great exercise for our kids and also get them working out together to build their football skills and knowledge.  The coaches are all very excited to work with the boys and get them back on the field together - and will make this a fun and rewarding experience for everyone.

Several important details:

  • You do not need to have physical forms or TYFC forms yet, however you must show up on your first day of practice with signed copies of the SYSO COVID Waiver and the Somers Youth Return to Field Procedures (attached to this email).    PLEASE carefully read both forms, and be certain to review the COVID Procedures with your child.  

  • As you will see in our COVID protocols, we will require that you verify your child is COVID symptom free before each practice. We are working with Clear2Play and we will provide further details shortly.

  • We are only charging enough to cover basic costs for insurance (required for use of fields), sanitizing equipment, and the clear app that we will use for COVID compliance.  This fee is $20 to cover the initial 2 weeks.  While we expect to go longer than 2 weeks, we don' t want to charge for a longer program until we have better visibility on what we will be able to offer.  Please see below for payment instructions using Venmo.

  • We will not be distributing equipment until we are certain that we will be able to play a tackle football season. However, if you purchased a new helmet from Riddell, your coach will have it at practice.   We do have all of our other helmets back and ready to distribute if tackle football is cleared.

WHATS NEXT?  If our Tackle season is cancelled on August 31, we will still look to continue practices and very likely also transition to local flag football for those interested. This decision will be made quickly once we have a decision on whether we can have a tackle season.   We will be looking for your feedback on what you and your child would like to do.

We ask that you pay the $20 fee using VENMO to @matthew-gallino.   You must include your child’s FIRST and LAST NAME, and TEAM (8u, 9u, etc) in the details.

PLEASE take the time to review and sign the attached documents.