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2023 Somers Tackle Football Registration Is Open!

Note that we have major changes this year switching to Sportsengine from Sportssignupplay.   We will also do all of our league registration and validations electronically through NSID!  BOth of these are BIG changes precedure-wise so please read carefully.  Details below:

Registration Cost:  $380 payable in full or installments.  It costs less this year because it does not include game jerseys or pants.   You will have the option to use your equipment from last year or buy a new one.


Registration Dates:  Open today through July 1.   Fees go up by $50 on June 10.  We kindly ask that you please register as soon as possible so that we can start to get a good sense of our numbers for this year.


Possible additional costs:  Team fund contribution ranging from $75 to $100 once practices start.  The following items may need to be purchased if you do not have yours from last season or if it no longer fits: game jersey around $60, football pants around $30, football cleats around $40 and up, mouthpiece.  


Equipment Fitting:  Jerseys and pants will be fitted in June at Sportsbarn as we did last season.  Once you register we will be back to you with a sign-up for a range of specific windows in June so that we can get our orders in on time to have everything ready for the season.  Everyone will need to go to get their new practice jersey fitted, and we will ask you to bring along your game jersey and black pants to ensure that they still fit correctly as well.  We will only use black pants this year in an effort to simplify!  You may also buy as many black pants as you want.  In July we will also fit helmets and shoulder pads and as before we will utilize a sign-up genius to set specific blocks of time that you can sign up for.


Validation and age verification requirements:  As you may recall from years past, our league has a very formal process for validating players to ensure their age and residence is as represented.  Formerly this involved compiling a lot of papers that the team moms collected and organized.  THIS YEAR this entire process will be done electronically through a system called National Sports ID (NSID).  This includes the 8 page AYF player pack which will also be completed electronically at NSID.  Once you register you will receive a link to begin your process to register your child with NSID.  Information will include birth certificate, report card, physician approval to participate, and a photograph.    All of the teams across the TYFC will use the same process.


Commitments and Key Dates:  Youth football is a significant commitment of time and energy and you should expect that most Sundays between September 10 and Nov. 12 will have football games and activities.  We also expect that football will be your child’s top athletic priority during football season and that they will be able to regularly attend practices and games.  It is also likely that we could have a scrimmage the weekend prior to Labor Day – we will be in touch with more information.  Practices will start on or about August 14 for most teams except 11U which will start August 7.  Coaches will be back to you with specific schedules for practice prior to the start of school.  Once school starts, most teams will practice 3 times per week per week in the evening as well as Saturday morning.


PARENTS:  Please visit the following link to register your child:  please remember to save the checklist provided at the end of registration.


COACHES AND VOLUNTEERS ONLY:  please use the following link to register yourself ONLY:


We are very excited about kicking off our 2023 season and look forward to seeing all of our youth Tuskers back on the field again this year. 

Matt Gallino,         

Patrick Forde,

About Us

Welcome!   Somers Youth Football is part of Somers Youth Sports Organization.  We offer both Flag Football for grades K-2 and Tackle Football for grades 3-8.

We are proud to be part of Somers' long and rich football tradition, boasting a long history of outstanding and safe football along with a strong community.

We are proud members of the American Youth Football & Cheer and Taconic Youth Football & Cheer.
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